Fun Activities to get ready for Disney's Aladdin

Aladdin has always been one of my favorite Disney movies.

You can't help but love the animation, the music, and the voices, especially Genie.  I've been wondering for awhile how Disney can top the original and I'm very much looking forward to checking out the live action Aladdin, released to Blu-Ray on Tuesday. I'm also feeling the need to watch the cartoon version again.

Check out the ideas below for some Aladdin themed fun--drawing Aladdin and Abu might be my favorite!

Learn how to draw Aladdin and Abu with Art for Kids Hub!

Or use their amazing step by step directions.
Make yummy Genie's Fig Jam Cookies from 2 Geeks Who Eat.

Design Rhinestone Cuff Bracelets from As the Bunny Hops.

What about a fun science experiment?  Try this Magnetic Flying Carpet from Tinker Lab.