Frozen 2 Sneak Preview

We have been waiting for Frozen 2 ever since we heard the rumors that it might exist 4-5 years ago.

Yesterday, we were able to sneak preview the movie with other bloggers and media in Denver and we knew it was a must-attend type event.

In Frozen 2, Elsa and Anna return for a new adventure, along with Kristoff, Sven, and, of course, Olaf.

Now at home again in Arendelle, Elsa begins to hear a mysterious voice calling out to her.  Is it the source of her powers, the answer to questions about her parents, or something else entirely?  She needs to find out and sets out on a journey, accompanied by her sister and friends to discover what the truth might be.  With the assistance of old friends and new, Elsa finally learns the secrets behind her magical powers.

In the vein of the first Frozen, the music is superb; we loved "Into the Unknown" performed by Idina Menzel as Elsa.  We also loved Kristoff's troll family returning and many of the new characters as well.  The animation and design beautifully depict Nordic traditions and scenery. Fun fact--filmmakers consulted with a botanist from Oslo, Norway, to ensure their enchanted forest was made up of authentic vegetation. Among the 10 varieties of trees is the aspen, which features predominantly in the film. Also featured were ground cover plants, including bearberry, crowberry, bracken fern and fireweed; all selected for their ability to contribute to the specific color palette of the enchanted forest.

While you are waiting for the movie to come out, enjoy some awesome Frozen 2 printable coloring pages.  They could also be a fun Thanksgiving distraction for your youngest guests.  Just click the image below to download the whole pack.

Will you be seeing Frozen 2 next week?  Or will you wait for Thanksgiving week to check it out with the whole family?  My kids want to know if we can go see it again!