The Best DreamWorks Trolls Snacks, Crafts, and Games

I have loved seeing Trolls come back into fashion!

As a kid, I had a huge Troll collection, which is likely still somewhere at my parents' house.

The idea that there are now two Trolls movies?  Amazing!  We saw the first one right when it came out and several times more with some little friends when they were hanging out at our house.   And now that there's a second one?  Even better.

Courtesy of DreamWorks

Since we are still kind of on the staying-home plan, we needed a few fun ways to celebrate the new Trolls movie.  Once I started browsing, I couldn't stop, so we made a list of some of the best Trolls Snacks, Crafts, and Games for a Trolls movie night or party or just because.

Trolls Themed Snacks

Trolls Themed Crafts

Trolls Themed Games and Printables

You can also download the all new DreamWorks Trolls Pop game for your phone or tablet.  The new game, released to coincide with Trolls World Tour, is a fun bubble popping game where you can collect and play with all your favorite Trolls characters.

What other Trolls fun have you found lately?