Camp Warner Brothers Week 2 - Science Fun Week

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Welcome back to our second week of Camp Warner Brothers and it's going to be a week of science fun!

This week, we will be watching Steven Universe: The Movie, and having some fun with science, color mixing, learning patience, and making a delicious treat to enjoy during our movie time.

Who doesn't love a fun treat to enjoy? This Steven Universe’s “Crystal Gem” Candy Recipe is the perfect combination of tastiness and science fun.  Click on the graphic below to read the directions in a larger format.

You'll be making a type of rock candy with ingredients you probably already have at home--sugar, water, and food coloring.  Just make sure that an adult supervises all the steps since the hot sugar water combo will be boiling.

The longer you are able to wait to enjoy your candy, the more candy that will grow.  We weren't quite patient enough to wait that long for photos, so we're in the process of making another batch.

How does it work? As time passes (and the solution cools), the water will slowly evaporate from the solution. As the water evaporates, the solution will become more saturated with sugar. The sugar molecules will collect on the string, and the candy crystals will grow molecule by molecule!

For more science fun, try making two jars of candy. In the first jar - seed your “Crystal Gem” Candy by rolling your string in water and sugar.

In the second jar, do not seed your string with sugar before growing.

Determine if using seed sugar crystals changes the growth rate of your “Crystal Gem” Candy!

It also helps to choose different colors to see more easily observe the candy growth.

In Steven Universe: The Movie, after many harrowing adventures, Steven and the Gems are ready to celebrate how far they’ve come with a movie musical! Steven thinks his time defending the Earth is over when an unforeseen threat comes to Beach City.  Little do they know they’re about to face their worst enemy yet!

Steven Universe: The Movie is available to own on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD for this week's Camp Warner Bros. project.