Camp Warner Brothers Week 4 - Cooking & Coloring Week

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It's the fourth week of Camp Warner Brothers and we're having some fun in the kitchen, cooking up our own Scooby snacks, coloring some Scooby Doo coloring pages, and watching Scooby-Doo!: WrestleMania Mystery.

Who doesn't love a sweet treat?  These Scooby Snacks make the best movie watching treat and they are easy to make even for the littlest helpers.

Scooby Snacks are one of those treats that turns out differently every time you do it.  The base is the same, but all the add-ins make for different flavors.  We chose multi colored sprinkles today, but we're partial to chocolate covered candies when we happen to have them on hand.

Like the last two week's camp activities, adult supervision is required to ensure that no one burns their hands heating up the ingredients.

You can also print out the same coloring sheets that we used for our project.  One features Shaggy and Scooby Doo lifting weights, the other is Shaggy and one of the wrestlers.  Just click on the photos above for the larger version, save them, and print.

In Scooby-Doo!: WrestleMania Mystery, when Shaggy and Scooby win tickets to WrestleMania®, they convince the entire Mystery Inc. gang to travel to WWE City in the Mystery Machine to enjoy the show. But the trip quickly turns into another mystery as WWE City is full of secrets! A mysterious ghostly bear appears and threatens to ruin the show and steal the championship title belt. With the help of WWE Superstars John Cena®, Triple H®, Sin Cara®, Brodus Clay®, AJ Lee™, The Miz®, Santino®, and Kane® - Scooby-Doo and The Mystery Inc. gang team up to solve the case before it is too late!

Scooby-Doo!: WrestleMania Mystery is available to own on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD for this week's Camp Warner Bros. project.