Isak Heartstone, the Breckenridge Troll {Breckenridge}

Despite living in Colorado for almost 8 years now, I still have a huge Colorado bucket list.

On that list?  Finding the Breckenridge Troll!

We ski Breckenridge many weekends during the winter, but by the time I'm done skiing, it's usually dark and I don't feel like hiking anymore.  Hiking to find a troll in the dark in the snow and cold really isn't my idea of fun.  But summer hiking?  I'm on it.

The Breckenridge Troll, named Isak Heartstone, is a 15 foot tall public art installation in Breckenridge, installed on the Trollstigan Trail that was built just for Isak.  We mapped out the information, parked near the ski resort gondola, and hopped on one of the local shuttles for our adventure to find Isak.

He was much easier to find than we expected!  The original Breckenridge troll sculpture was installed on a trail near a neighborhood and rebuilt a year later on a trail dedicated to him near the Illinois Gulch Trailhead.  The Trollstigan Trail is right behind the West ice rink parking lot in Breck, with plenty of signage leading right to Isak.  Our shuttle left us right at the parking lot, so it was a short walk to the trailhead.

The actual trail to Isak Heartstone is only a few hundred feet, laid out in a one way loop.  A rock path leads to Isak and a wooden bridge walkway leads away.  The cleared area is perfect for photos and selfies, and the walk itself is beautiful and simple.

Now that we've found Isak, we can't wait to share him with our friends.  Although the trail isn't cleared during the winter, we plan to make a point to visit Isak on one of our Breck trips this winter to see him in the snow.