Monster Truck Championship {Review}

We were provided with a copy of Monster Truck Championship and the two expansion pack preorders for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links.

It's the time of year where new video games are starting to drop for the holidays, and this year is no exception.  And the brand new Monster Truck Championship game is about to release in just 5 days!

Monster Truck Championship is the first ever Monster Truck Simulation video game.  Developed by Nacon, this racing game features the ability to buy, upgrade, and customize your own monster trucks. The game sets up a motor racing experience where local or online victory depends solely on your driving skills, and it includes16 customizable trucks, 25 arenas and 3 leagues to win to become champion!

Now I'm definitely not an expert on video games, but I do happen to have two people who are--my 15 year old son and my daughter's 18 year old boyfriend.  They were happy to take one for the team and the blog and try out the new Monster Truck Championship game on Xbox One.

According to the boys, there are several different elements to the game:

  • You can customize your car, changing the shell and the shape, the colors, adding names and designs to it.
  • You can get sponsors and try out "missions".  If you complete the sponsors' missions, you can win prize money that you can use on your truck.
  • You can compete in various competitions--an actual race on a race track with multiple competitors, a drag race where it is quick and one-on-one, and freestyle events which involves flips, tricks, destruction, and more.
  • You can race and compete against other players online in all of these events or choose to play offline and compete against "game" players.

Monster Truck Championship is a single player game, with the ability to play in multi-player mode accessed online.  There is not a split screen mode, so family competitions will have to be individual rankings, not head-to-head.  This still didn't stop the competition for them.

The game is rated as E for everyone and the boys agreed the content makes the game appropriate for any age, although the skill levels might be harder for younger children.  

Monster Truck Championship is currently available for preorder on Amazon for $39.99.  The Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions will be available on October 20th, with the Nintendo Switch releasing on November 24th.