Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

We were provided with a copy of Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Is your house a big fan of gaming on the Nintendo Switch?  We've all really enjoyed the system and are always on the hunt for different games to try out.  The latest one?  Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, which is now available on the Switch.

Based on the international hit comic books ‘Pierre the Maze Detective’ by Japanese artist, Hirofumi  Kamigaki, and illustration studio, IC4DESIGN, players step into the shoes of street smart sleuth, Pierre, on the trail of the devious Mr X across the intricate hand-drawn world. 

My son was happy to assist with a blog review where the request was, "Here, want to play a video game for me?"

Requesting help from Pierre

One begins the game discovering an ancient artifact in museum, which can turn anything into a maze.  But this artifact as been stolen by Mr. X and it is your mission, as Pierre to find it, while solving mazes and puzzles.

A scene from the book, telling Pierre's story

As you follow Pierre's adventures, each level has different mazes to solve.  As you go through the mazes, you interact with characters and objects to gain information to continue your quest.  The various levels include the museum, city, a carnival, and more

A level of mazes, this one is within the city

He said that he feels the game would be ideal for as young as elementary and middle school age ranges.  We also thought that people who aren't generally big gamers might really enjoy Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective.  The puzzle aspect is definitely appealing to those who may not enjoy first person shooters, platforms, or racing style games.

Sound cool?  Check out the trailer below.

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch for $11.99. The game is coming to Android and iOS devices later in 2021.