Family Game Night Subscription Box with UnboxBoardom {Review}

We received the opportunity to check out the UnboxBoardom subscription box a little while ago and after receiving our first box, we are SOLD on the concept.

Each box comes with one of three choices of games, giving subscribers a chance to decide what game works best for their family, along with the chance to see titles in case you already own one of the options.

Prior to shipping, subscribers receive an email detailing the three options and rating games on a scale of 1 through 5 on several categories:

  • Number of players
  • Average time the game takes to play
  • How "family friendly" is the game
  • How much complexity is involved
  • Is it a good game for groups
  • The UnboxBoardom team's "insider" thoughts/advice about the game
Why we love this?  For March, there were three awesome choices, so awesome that we already owned one of the titles.  As fun as 7 Summits is, we just didn't need a second copy of it (we do recommend it though).  Instead, we limited our choice between Station Master and Art Decko.  After much debate, because Art Decko did look very beautiful, we decided that Station Master seemed like a great fit for our family.

What is Station Master? 
Station Master is a highly interactive game played over a series of turns until all locomotives have left the station. Turns are simple: Either attach a railcar to a train, assign a Passenger token to a locomotive, or play an action card. Railcars determine the value of the train. Each Passenger token is played face down, so only its owner knows its value. Action cards change up the game by removing cards and tokens, changing the values of trains, and more! When a train is full, it pulls away from the station, and the Passenger tokens are revealed. Players score by multiplying the value of the train by the value of their Passenger tokens.
Does that not sound like fun?  We were already fans of Ticket to Ride, so another train options sounded like quite a bit of fun.  Unlike Ticket, Station Master is a mostly card based game with just a few tokens, making set up much easier and definitely smaller.

It is definitely a great sized game, considering we love taking games with us when we go up to the mountains to ski and big board/box options are just not it. The box and game are much more compact for travel and don't require a larger area to play.

Why UnboxBoardom?

We definitely love family game nights, but I really like that someone else did all the research with me and presented me with already vetted options.  As well, the games were definitely geared towards teens and adults, which is something hard to find with many "family" subscriptions.  When one's "kids" are 17 and 20, activities need to gear towards the adult side of participants and all three games seemed like they would be a good fit for us.

From UnboxBoardom:

It's time to unplug and play! With an UnboxBoardom subscription box you can easily discover and enjoy the hottest and best new board games. The risk of buying board games that are not fun or too hard to understand is minimized because we do all the research for you. We know which are the best board games because we've played them with our own families. 

Also, because we want everyone to be able to enjoy the thrill, excitement and personal interaction from playing board games, for every 10 new board game subscription box signups, we'll donate a board game to an organization that helps kids who can''t afford one. 

Are you ready for more family game nights?

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