Top 10 Posts of 2013

This was kind of my favorite post two years ago, yet I forgot to do it last year. I decided that it was a must do for this year now (and may still go do a little research for the 2012 version).

What were the 10 most popular blog posts from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013?  New ones? Old ones? Crafts? Homeschool? Recipes?  I love looking back to see what they were!


A Possum Tale, or everything I never wanted to know about possum - The possum post, in all its crazy bizarreness, is still the top post here.  I'm glad my audience is amused by the infamous canned possum.


Recycled Art - Soda Bottle Jellyfish - This one is kind of cool, a jellyfish craft made from a soda bottle. And it's not a possum.  It gets non-possum points!


And Eight More Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas -  This was a November 2013 post that was actually the last 8 ideas from the previous year that I forgot to blog. It went way up the listing, must have been the perfect timing for an elf post.


Eight Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas - My first Elf on the Shelf post ever from December 2012.  This is where we got an elf and established that our elf takes it easy, plus doesn't make messes.


Cute Teacher Holiday Gifts - Also from last Christmas, these were gifts for the kids' teachers!  Simple to put together but they look adorable!


Sidewalk Chalk Paint Fun - A much older post, from 2009, but it's pinned a lot! It's a whole lot of fun too. Just two ingredients and you've got non-toxic sidewalk chalk paint.


Top 10 Freezer Meals - A list with recipes and links to some of our favorite freezer meals!  Part of my 2014 resolutions is to do another grouping of new freezer meals because it is so convenient.


Eight More Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas - Also from last Christmas, this was post 2 of 3 of our first year of Elf on the Shelf, with all simple ideas.


Chocolate Cheesecake Strawberries - These are amazingly good, and you should make them.  Really.  (These were featured on Tip Junkie, which I think accounts for some of their popularity.)


End of the Year Teacher Appreciation Gifts - I loved these!  I started planning these months in advance, so by the time the end of the year rolled around, I had a stack of books for both kids' teachers. Topped those with a Starbucks gift card and a pretty ribbon?  Ta da!